Pigeon Sites Around the World

While we were investigating pigeons we used sites on the Internet for reference. Some of the sites we used are listed below.

BinocularsProject PigeonWatch at Cornell Lab of Ornithology (USA). Cornell scientists are encouraging students across the country to become citizen scientists by observing pigeons in their area and reporting what they find. Lots of information on observing pigeons is available at this site.

Pigeon Mascot


Schofield Lofts Pigeon Racing Web Site

Pigeon People/ (USA). Temporarily unavailable. A reference for pigeon flyers and fanciers of all ages. Pigeon news for kids, pigeon events, feeding pigeons, pigeon clubs and more.

Pigeon in Flight

Pigeon Racing (United Kingdom). Information on racing pigeons from the ground up. Includes a Worldwide Pigeon Fanciers Directory.

Unusual Pigeon Breed

Pigeon Cote (USA). The U.S. Pigeon Show Web Site. Check out their link to a breed highlight page.

Cher Ami

Cher Ami (USA). Find out how Cher Ami, a carrier pigeon, saved the lives of almost 200 people during World War I. Today Cher Ami is housed at the Smithsonian Institute.

If you know of any great pigeon sites, send us e-mail.