What We Thought We Knew About Pigeons

Before we investigated pigeons, we interviewed each other to find out what we thought about pigeons. We included positive, negative, and neutral thoughts. Some of our thoughts are listed below.

Positive Thoughts About Pigeons

are friendly.
will eat right out of your hand.
are cute.
make a relaxing, cooing sound.
are good for the environment.
are clean.

Negative Thoughts About Pigeons

are also known as "rats with wings".
poop all over the place.
are noisy.
are dirty/messy.
spread diseases.

Neutral Thoughts About Pigeons

make a cooing sound.
only live in big cities.
eat breadcrumbs.
move their heads back and forth when they walk.
are plump.
are grey.
live in big groups.

What do you think about pigeons? Send us e-mail.