Public Science Day 2000:
The Science of
Everyday Things

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About Our Partnership

The Miami Museum of Science in collaboration with three elementary schools in Miami-Dade County; Avocado, Pine Lake and Redland Elementary Schools, have partnered together for two years to improve student performance in reading, writing and science while integrating technology in the creation of new and exciting learning experiences. These experiences have supported students not only in engaged learning utilizing the internet and telecommunication technologies, but also promoted collaboration between the three schools, eliminating the confines of classroom walls!

The partnership was made possible by an Annenberg Foundation funded project called Gaining the On-Line Edge (G.O.L.E.) presently in its second year of implementation. The partnership between the museum and the three schools has focused on science as a vehicle to engage students in utilizing inquiry skills that also require reading and writing through research and the collection of real data. 

As participants of Public Science Day 1999 the partnership explored South Florida's changing ecosystems ( and  students participated in an on-going study with biologists from the Miami Museum of Science. The study focused on the Terrapin Turtle population in the Florida Bay and students worked with museum biologists in Key Largo, Florida examining actual specimens and exploring the ecosystems. Beyond the study, students also explored the effects of urban expansion on the hydrology of Florida, posing possible solutions to the problems our environment faces.