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Reptiles: Real & Robotic is no longer on display at the Miami Museum of Science. Please visit the main Museum Menu for our current exhibits.

MIAMI, FL -- Peer into the eyes of a giant rattlesnake and stand inches away from a 23-foot-long crocodile when huge robotic and LIVE reptiles are showcased in the Miami Museum of Science's new exhibition, REPTILES! Real and Robotic.

Discover the fascinating history of these cold-blooded animals and encounter the robots LIVE reptile counterparts, from May 29th through Sept. 6th.

This educational exhibition provides insight into these incredible creatures that have inhabited the Earth for more than 300 million years and once ruled the planet. Highlighted are the four major reptile groups -- lizards, turtles, snakes, and crocodiles.

Featured alongside the robotic creatures will be LIVE reptiles from around the world. Presented in a lush tropical setting will be an alligator snapping turtle, red- and yellow-footed tortoises, venomous snakes like the neotropical rattlesnake and golden eyelash viper, and non-venomous snakes such as the green tree python and albino burmese python, along with a green iguana and rhinoceros iguana. There will also be a South American smooth-fronted caiman showcased in a pond with a stone waterfall. The giant robotic reptiles on display are presented in dramatic settings that showcase their lifestyle and means of survival in the wild.

"This is the perfect summer exhibit. You rarely get a chance to see great robotics, living reptiles and something to capture the imagination of the whole family," said Russell Etling, President and CEO of the Miami Museum of Science.

Visitors will learn how reptiles have adapted and survived for so many years and in such varying conditions as searing deserts and vast ocean floors. Also examined are the myths and misconceptions of these creatures, the reptiles' vital role in art, literature, religion and culture and their recent popularity as pets.

Kids and adults will enjoy hands-on activities and educational displays including reptile stories about turtles, pythons and lizards, a "Reptile Hall of Fame" and "Lifestyles of the Cold and Scaly."

The exhibition REPTILES: Real and Robotic! was designed by San Diego Natural History Museum and Kokoro Dinosaurs. And lending their generous support are: