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Age of Reptiles. Small unwary animals fell into the deep hollows and could not climb out. They died and were preserved within the stumps. Among these animals were several Palaeothyris specimens. Palaeothyris is the earliest-known reptile that was fully adapted to living on land.
Snap-shot is a site that allows you to see snap-shot's of snakes close up.
The Timber Rattlesnake. The Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) is a top predator on the forest ecosystems of eastern North America. It is found nowhere else in the world.
Florida Snakes. Come see why Florida has an abundance of wildlife, including a wide variety of reptiles. Snakes, and their cousins the alligators, crocodiles, turtles and lizards, and why thay play an interesting and viral role in Florida's complex ecology.
The Belled Viper.
Even hunters of timber rattlers now admit that these snakes are shy, placid -- and very fragil.
Wild Discovery Wired
Learn about snakes, reptiles and many more... All in the Discovery Channel.
The Whole Frog Project
The ITG "Whole Frog" project is intended to introduce the concepts of modern, computer based 3D visualization, and at the same time to demonstrate the power of whole body, 3D imaging of anatomy as a curriculum tool.
American Society of Icthyologists and Herpatologists
The American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists is dedicated to the scientific study of fishes, amphibians and reptiles.
Florida Museum of Natural History Herpetology Resources
With approximately 149,000 specimens, the FLMNH herpetology collection is estimated to be the 11th largest in the USA.
Frogs and Toads in Color and Sound
Twelve photographs are featured in this photo-album, along with RealAudio sound recordings of each species' calls.
Class Reptilia
This site has information on the classes of reptiles known to man.
The American Alligator (from University of Florida)
In 1987, the american alligator became
the official state reptile of Florida.
CROCODILIANS: Natural History & Conservation
This site has various information on our one of our most dangerous predators, including how to take care of them.
The Age of Reptiles Mural at the Yale Peabody Museum
A scientific document transforming the
knowledge, ideas, and thoughts of many scholars of ancient life into realistic and
accurate images.
Natural Zoo Pictures!
This is where you get your finger on the pulse of the National Zoo.
ZooNet Image Archives 
This site i s a gallery of the different type of reptiles that we have.
A Photographic Portfolio Taken From the Jungle Crane 
This site offers you images and also information on the different type of cranes.
Herp Pictures, References and On-Line Resources 
We have here the, different classifications for the reptiles that you are looking for.
Florida Herps: Reptiles & Amphibians
We have different web sites that you can visit on our amphibian friends, the frogs and toads.
Pet Station
Every animal is a magical, mystical, divine presence. Pets are animals willing to extend that presence to our daily lives. If only for this, we owe them eternal respect and gratitude.
Reptile Reference
We have information on the different type of snakes known to man.