In October, 2005, the Miami Science Museum received funding from the U.S. Department of Education’s Women’s Educational Equity Act to design and implement a program aimed at increasing the confidence, interest and preparedness of girls to pursue academic and employment opportunities related to high-end careers in engineering and related fields. RISE (Raising Interest in Science & Engineering) is engaging high school girls from four Miami Dade County high schools in Saturday and summer programming, exciting them about the many opportunities associated with careers in engineering, and helping them to acquire related technology and design skills as they learn to create table-top science exhibits.

RISE was designed in response to the national need to increase the numbers of traditionally under-represented students, particularly girls, who pursue advanced studies and careers in engineering and related science and technology fields. RISE is a partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools and SECME, Inc., the nation's largest pre-college alliance aimed at increasing representation of under-served groups in engineering.
For more information about RISE contact Lúcia Enriconi, Project Director at (305) 646-4210

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