Program Overview

The overall goal of RISE is to raise interest and skills in engineering, science and technology among high school girls, particularly girls of color.

Objectives are:

  • To extend RISE programming to SECME engineering clubs at targeted high schools in Miami-Dade County, raising girls' interest and motivation to pursue science, engineering, and technology careers.

  • To enhance the skills of science teachers at participating schools to integrate gender equity strategies into their science classrooms.

  • To increase parents' awareness of how they can support their daughters' science education and related career goals.

    RISE builds on research-based best practices related to gender equity in science education, which identlfy several key elements for engaging girls in science, engineering and technology, including:
  • Single-sex programming
  • Cooperative learning approaches
  • Incorporation of female role models, instructors, and mentors
  • Embedding engineering, technology and design skills into a context that is interesting to girls.
RISE incorporates all of these key elements into its program strategies.
For more information about RISE contact Lúcia Enriconi, Project Director at (305) 646-4210

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