The Miami Science Museum inspires people of all ages and cultures to enjoy science and technology. For over two decades, the Museum has conducted innovative programming to address a projected shortage of technology-related professionals needed for the 21st century workforce. With long-term funding from the U.S. Department of Education and the National Science Foundation, the Museum has designed an exemplary model to engage underrepresented groups in the sciences. Currently, the Museum is creating and testing a new model for engaging youth in climate science and related IT careers. Students explore climate science through hands-on projects, virtual interaction with scientists, and local field expeditions. They also acquire 3D design skills and collaborate with experienced virtual world designers to create virtual world simulations focused on the local impacts of climate change.

Maloka Interactive Center is a leader and pioneer of science, technology and innovation. An architectural icon, it the only underground interactive science center in the Americas. Starting with the development of a virtual museum six months before its physical opening in 1998, Maloka has embraced technology in support of the communication and dissemination of science to the public. The center has also played an instrumental role in engaging youth in this process. Maloka’s Science and Technology Clubs are a place for informal science education that foster motivation and awaken interest to explore and experiment with science, technology and art. The Clubs foster creativity, enthusiasm, and a critical attitude towards science and technology among teens.

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