SCEnaRioS: A Science Twinning Project

Youth-Inspired Engagement on Critical Issues of Global Sustainability

A partnership between UNESCO, FIOCRUZ, and ASTC, Inc.

Young people today are eager to employ the most advanced (and often the most fundamental) skills and tools of the information age to raise awareness and inspire action concerning global challenges, particularly those related to sustainability of the planet. These global challenges are the very issues that will be addressed by nations from around the world at the next Earth Summit (Rio+20) in March 2012. And, science is at the very heart of the complex deliberations that will take place at this Summit and beyond.

Science centers and museums have a rich history of leadership in science education and in raising public awareness by engaging communities in informed dialogue around these critical issues. These centers employ a variety of tools and technologies to inform and engage their audiences with the science that underpins these issues of public concern. These centers place a special emphasis on engaging youth in the processes of learning and employing science based knowledge in the broadest possible interests of society.

For this reason, the Association of Science‐Technology Centers (ASTC), in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Fondation FIOCRUZ, has launched a new initiative entitled:

SCEnaRioS(Science Centers Engagement and the Rio Summit)

A science center twinning project designed to bring together young people all over the world to discuss three major topics which will be central to the deliberations at the Rio+20 Summit:

  • Clean, alternative energies and the green economy
  • Environmentally related health issues
  • Accessibility to clean water, coastal management, and disaster preparedness

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