Superintendent Rudolph Crew, Miami-Dade County
Public Schools

The Superintendent’s Urban Principal Initiative is the cornerstone of Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ work to build a world-class system for urban school leadership development.

Each year, for a minimum of three years, the Superintendent’s Urban Principal Initiative will recruit teams of highly talented individuals serving in the district’s most challenging secondary schools. The Initiative will provide quality, relevant professional development that will deepen participants’ knowledge and expand their skills while inspiring these urban leaders to continue their work in schools with students who have the greatest needs.

The Superintendent’s Urban Principal Initiative is a program of Miami-Dade County Public Schools in partnership with the Council for Educational Change, the Miami Museum of Science and The Education Fund.

The Superintendent’s Urban Principal Initiative includes the following components:
  • Access to a continuous program of blended professional development based on individual needs
  • The advantage of an online leadership development program, the Accelerated School Administrator Preparation Program (ASAP)
  • Support in using a personalized, electronic portfolio tool
  • Extensive coaching in Action Research, which allows participants to apply data-driven problem solving strategies to school-based challenges
  • Training in Classroom Walkthrough and in using the PD3, a new handheld observation tool for science and mathematics
  • On-site assistance from Professional Partners (a select group of retired MDCPS principals)
  • The opportunity to gain higher-level experience through a nine-week internship
  • Significant incentives for each team member participating

The Superintendent’s Urban Principal Initiative is made possible by grants from the U.S. Department of Education and the Wachovia Foundation’s Teachers and Teaching Initiative.

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