Center for Interactive Learning at the Miami Museum of Science

The Center for Interactive Learning at the Miami Museum of Science is responsible for the Professional Partner Component of the Superintendent’s Urban Principal Initiative (SUPI).

The title of Professional Partner was adopted to indicate the equality of the relationship between the Professional Partner and the members of the School Leadership Team as opposed to the superior/inferior connotation of the terms mentor and mentee. All of the Professional Partners are former administrators from Miami-Dade County Public Schools and range in experience from principals to deputy superintendents.

Professional Partners working with School Leadership Teams are able to: 

  • Work to build trust and confidentiality with the team members.
  • Work with all members of the leadership team as a member of that team.
  • Work confidentially with individual members of the team as requested.
  • Assist in solving problems, sharing experiences and knowledge as appropriate.
  • Provide another perspective.
  • Serve as a sounding board.
  • Serve as a troubleshooter.
  • Provide thoughtful and timely feedback.
  • Share best practices in specific situations.
  • Serve as a facilitator and a guide but not perform the actual task.
  • Personify ethical integrity.
  • Stimulate the desire to grow professionally.
  • Invest time.
  • Provide assistance in areas such as curriculum, instruction, budget, and personnel and secure other resources through the Professional Partner Skill Bank.
  • Support and assist the AP and teacher leader as they assume new role responsibilities in the last nine weeks.
  • Participate on the last day of the Summer Leadership Academies presented by CEC.
  • Attend the three-day Assistant Principal Forums presented by Council for Educational Change.
In addition to this list, SUPI Professional Partners have been trained to support their School Leadership Teams in: The SUPI Professional Partners attend monthly meetings at the Center for Interactive Learning. The Partners discuss issues and concerns that have arisen during their visits and the group provides feedback and suggestions for possible action. A SUPI Professional Partner Skill Bank has been developed and requests for assistance from those with special skills can be arranged at these monthly meetings.