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The Dinosaurs of China

Sinraptor hepingensis stalks the Miami Science Museum

This exhibit is no longer on display at the Miami Science Museum.

The Dinosaurs of China
China has some of the finest fossils ever discovered. These fossils have provided unprecedented insight into the evolution of life on Earth.

Together, they reveal a new and more complete picture of dinosaurs and their world.

The Miami Science Museum has joined with the venerable Beijing Museum of Natural History to exhibit 14 enormous articulated dinosaur skeletons and 52 spectacular individual specimens, including 8 of the most rare feathered dinosaurs and birds from the fossil beds at Liaoning. Unique fully-sculpted models, interactive, multimedia experiences, and a children's paleo-discovery area, bring these magnificent creatures to life!

The exhibit is arranged into four sections, each representing a unique fossil-rich province of China:

Planet of the Dinosaurs Planetarium Show
65 Million years ago, something happened that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. While the most popular theory claims that the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid impact, there are also several lesser known theories that are being supported by experts. In this original Miami Planetarium production, over a dozen theories are examined... all of which will amaze and amuse you. Giant Images! Giant Sound! Shown daily inside the Planetarium’s Superdome.

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Pre & Post Visit Materials

Click on the appropriate grade band below for a list of the Sunshine State Standard strands & student benchmarks that can be taught through The Dinosaurs of China exhibit:
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Grades 3-5 (PDF)
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