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The Museum’s Education Department is nationally recognized for its award-winning programs that have helped redefine the role that science museums and science centers can play in strengthening overall public science literacy as well as formal science education.

With support from a broad range of federal, state, and private donors, the Museum’s Education team develops, tests, and implements strategies and materials to support science learning opportunities for a variety of audiences.

Specialized programs focus on making science exciting and accessible to traditionally underrepresented groups, notably girls and low-income youth, providing them with the experiences, preparation and mentoring they need to pursue advanced studies and careers in science, engineering, and technology.

The Museum also provides professional development opportunities for teachers at all levels as well as school leaders and university faculty, modeling hands-on inquiry-based approaches to science teaching and the integration of new and emerging instructional technologies into the classroom curriculum.

Resources developed in the Museum’s youth and professional development programs are incorporated into ongoing programs and activities for the general public, including workshops, Web-based resources, and the Museum’s award-winning Summer Science Camp, providing enriched learning experiences for all visitors.

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