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Energy Tracker

Energy Tracker

Throughout all of MiaSci is an ever-growing interconnected trail of hands-on exhibits that explore everything from basic energy principles to the future of renewable energy. The exhibition is part of MiaSci’s ongoing effort to prepare for its move to downtown Miami, where the largest exhibition will be the building itself, a three-story showcase of renewable energy technologies. Energy Tracker was made possible through support from the US Department of Energy and the City of Miami.

Energy Dance Floor

Go-go green on the Energy Dance Floor, the first of its kind in the United States! When you dance, this huge floor captures your energy and converts it to electricity, which is used to power some wild lighting. You can select from a range of music genres to see what groove results in the most juice – or dock your own iPod and DJ the space for yourself and your friends.

This new space also includes a smaller dance floor in view of a thermal camera. As you boogie, you can see energy escape your body in the form of heat.

Room for Debate

What do you think? What do you have to say? In the Room for Debate we want to see and hear your views on today's 'hottest' topic: climate change. Using everything from you shadow to your voice you'll interact with a series of completely digital exhibits, all while lounging in a new, green, chic gallery made only from sustainable, reused or recycled materials.






Energy Garden

New at MiaSci, the Human YoYo and the Giant Lever are two super-fun outdoor full-body exhibits. First, turn your body into a human yoyo and rocket yourself 10 feet in the air! Then, how would you like to be as strong as a giant? Experiment with the Giant Lever to lift not one, not two, not three, but as many as your friends as you can!

Green Roof

The Miami Science Museum is planning the roof of its new downtown building to be covered with growing native plants. A green roof is great insulation, and will reduce energy costs. To learn what will work best, there are now 3 technology-enhanced test beds, all recording vital information about rain and temperature. So come check out the future in the Museum’s Wildlife Center; it’s going to be green!

Energy Tracker

Throughout all of MiaSci is the new activity, Energy Tracker, an interconnected trail of hands-on stations where you can explore how one form of energy can transform into another. Grab your ticket, select a line to follow, and visit stations along the route to track and identify different forms of energy. At the final stop, there’s a prize for each completed ticket!

Fuels of the Future

At Fuels of the Future you can explore new, cleaner and more efficient technologies for powering cars. Check out a sleek, solar-fueled racecar, climb inside a giant 12-foot-tall tire, and sit inside a bizarre bubble-car fueled by nothing but air! The gallery also features hands-on exhibits, digital displays, and using Legos, the chance to design and fuel-up your own car of the future!

Wind Turbine

How about wind? Miami has a lot of it and MiaSci is capturing it! At over 20 foot high the vertical axis wind turbine, one of the first of it’s kind in the county, is visible before visitors even enter the building.

Solar Array

This 1.8 kW solar array provides some of the energy needed to power the Wildlife Clinic and care for injured birds and reptiles. Inside the Clinic, a digital exhibit allows you to explore how much energy the building is using and how much the array is generating. Special Thanks to Florida Power & Light Company.

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