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Monday, March 24: What's the pH?
Learn why lemons are sour, water can support life and soaps are used for cleaning. In this class, we will combine different substances to create a rainbow of colors that will help us to identify acids and bases. CLASS FULL
Tuesday, March 25: Nano Chemistry
Help us explore the chemistry that takes place on a nanoscale! That's just a bit larger than an atom! We'll experiment with how nano chemistry can help us create super absorbent materials, turn gold into different colors, protect us from the sun, and power light bulbs.CLASS FULL
Wednesday, March 26: The Art of Chemistry
Chemistry is a part of everything, but did you know it can help us to create works of art? We'll use chemistry principles to help bring out your artistic side as we design tie-dye pieces, create a crystal star garden, paint frescos, and more.CLASS FULL

Thursday, March 27: Messy Reactions
Messes are educational too! In this class, you'll learn to create chemical concoctions that will expand, fizz, become sticky, bubble, pop, or even go kaboom!

Friday, March 28: Food Chemistry
Let's turn your kitchen into our very own chem lab. We’ll use common items that you may find in your kitchen cabinets or refrigerator to do our own food experiments. We'll also explore the chemistry behind how we taste delicious (and yucky) foods.

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All Week Classes: Mar 24-28 $200 $250 $25 $60

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