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Miami Science Museum and MetLife: Staying Sharp

"Firing brain neurons"

Miami Science Museum is beginning to prototype and develop a new and innovative method to engage and inspire people of all ages with how scientists make discoveries about aging and the brain. Working with the University of Miami's Center on Aging, we are developing this exciting new exhibit in partnership with local elders who bring a unique perspective to the process.

In the Staying Sharp exhibit, you become a subject of a real-life experiment. By completing a simple questionnaire and simple physical tasks, you'll help scientists understand how the brain ages and how it relates to physical fitness. You'll also have the opportunity to explore how physical and mental exercise may help keep your brain in peak condition, no matter what your age.

Accompanying this experiment will be a number of graphic panels where you can explore the myths and facts of mental agility and alertness, and find brain changing resources.

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This exhibit sponsored by a MetLife Foundation Partnership for Intergenerational Learning grant. MetLife is a proud sponsor of the Miami Science Museum.

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