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Winter Camp 2014

Winter Camp: Around the World

Put on your explorer hat, grab your field guide, and take a virtual trip around the world to investigate different habitats. Learn how the plants, animals, and climates work together to form the building blocks essential to making each unique environment.

Monday, December 22: The Extreme Desert
Grab your water bottle and sunglasses for this journey to the extreme desert. Search for hidden critters to discover how they live where the temperature changes from burning hot during the day to freezing cold at night. Explore underground burrows, properties of sand, and even bring home a cactus!

Tuesday, December 23: Splashing around in the Surf Zone
Splish, Splash! It's time to get wet in the museum surf zone. Dig into the sand to build a beautiful sand castle and uncover the mysterious creatures below the surface. Create your own surf zone to learn about homes for stingrays, ghost crabs, and many more creatures of all shapes and sizes.

Wednesday, December 24: Magical Mangroves
*Pick-up will be by 4:00pm. No late care will be available.*
Red, black, and white - magical mangroves sure are a coastal highlight! Discover why these trees are so special and their importance in Florida's coastlines. Get your hands into the muck in the Museum's mangrove exhibit, explore the creatures that live in their salty roots, and learn how your family can get involved with planting mangroves around the county.

Friday, December 26: Everglades
Discover Miami's very unique next-door neighbor, the Everglades. From the hammocks to the cypress swamp, the Everglades are home to some crazy, cool critters. Explore the homes of the sharks, birds, crocodiles and alligators that live there and learn about what happens when fresh water and salt water meet. You may even encounter one very toothy creature face-to-face, right here at the Museum.

Monday, December 29: Coral Reefs
Coral reefs are home to beautifully diverse organisms from slippery algae to great, big fish. Look into the microscope to see how corals eat and grow, learn the important relationship between corals and algae, and create a reef of your own using the SeaLab as the starting point for all explorations.

Tuesday, December 30: Rainforest
Rain, rain, is here to stay in the wettest of all the environments, the rainforest. Explore how animals have adapted to flooding waters and sticky, hot air, and the complex foliage that makes up the rainforest by building your own rainforest in a bottle. Then, travel through our new "Amazon" exhibit to learn about life in the Amazonian environment.

Wednesday, December 31: Submerge yourself into the Deep
Dive into the deep ocean where sunlight cannot reach and very few humans have gone. Living without sunlight requires some interesting adaptations for the many creatures that call the deep ocean home. Explore what strange organisms lurk below, dissect a squid, and use your imagination to create your own deep-sea creature all through this interactive museum lab.

Friday, January 2: Pine Rocklands
What do saw palmettos, red-shoulder hawks, and gopher tortoises have in common? They all live in a unique environment called the pine rocklands. Discover the importance of the pine rocklands and how fire has played a unique role in keeping this habitat going strong. Come face-to-face with a gopher tortoise, learn about the red-shoulder hawk that lives at the Museum, and explore the special plants of this exclusive Florida environment.

Camp Details

Classes run from 9:00am to 3:30 pm.  Before and after care are available.

For children in grades Pre-K to 5th


  • $45 (Members)/ $55 (Non-members) per child per day
  • $170 (Members)/ $210 (Non-members) for a full week
  • Before Care: $5 per child per day (7:45am-9:00am)
  • After Care: $12 per child per day (4:00pm-6:00pm)

*Please note that refunds are not given for camp classes.  If for some reason a child needs to withdraw from or cannot attend a session that they have been registered for, a Museum Credit will be issued.  This credit is good for one year from the date of issue and may be applied to any camp classes or towards a Museum Membership.

For more information, please call 305-646-4222 or email
Online registration forms can be submitted at

Class Descriptions and Registration Form

*Any registrations received after 4:00 pm the day before a camp program (Fridays for classes starting on a Monday) will not be processed.

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