Nathan Morris

Name: Nathan Morris

Birth Place: Philadelphia

Born: June 18, 1971

Sign: Cancer

Nathan was born on the Southside of Philadelphia. He was raised by his mother, Gail Harris. Nathan's parents got a divorce when he was about ten years old. Nathan has two sisters and one brother. After Nathan's father and his mom got a divorce things got really hard for his family. "Basically my mom couldn't. support us on her limited income" he say's. "After dad left us, things at home just weren't what every kid wanted, we went through many situations." Although Nathan and his family had to struggle to get by, going to church a lot and singing in choirs helped him to strive harder for his goal.

Nathan attended the High School for Creative and Performing Arts (he didn't want to go there at first, but his junior high school teacher Mr. Morrow persuaded him to go). Beacuse Nathan was use to such big schools, he had a hard time ajusting to the School of Performing Arts. His old school had thousands of people and his new school had about two hundred boys and about four hundred girls. Because of the school atmosphere Nathan decided to keep himself busy, so he started a music group. From there on he became Nathan Morris from the group Boyz II Men.

In Vibe's scheme, Nathan was "The Serious Boy." He's the most involved in the business side of the band, always on the phone to managers, executives, venues, etc. He micromanages the presentation of the group, down to specifying the picture that should appear around tour poster that appear around town as the concert approaches. He's more of a worryer than any other band member and always has his mind on one issue or another. Right now he's behind the attempt to bring as Boyz II Men "Alex Vanderpool" clothing line to the public. He also designed his own glasses.

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