Distribution of the Tiger



Ever wonder where Tigers live! Well...

Most Tigers live in Asia, specifically throughout Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Russia. Tigers like to live in swamps, grasslands,and rain forests. Usually where Tigers live there are trees, bushes, and clumps of tall grass. It shades the Tiger from the sun when it's extremely hot. Not only does this protect them from the sun, it also helps them to camouflage with their surroundings and surprise their prey. Unlike other cats, Tigers love the water and are very sensitive to heat. Tigers are very powerful swimmers. Most Tigers will soak in water usually after making a kill. Tigers are most likely found eating grass or other animals such as deer, buffalo, wild cattle and wild boars, also from time to time they will eat fish and crabs.



Nowadays, there are only five subspecies of Tigers left because the Javan tiger, Caspian tiger, and Balinese tiger are extinct. The five subspecies are the Bengal tiger, Indo-Chinese tiger(this classifies two tigers), Sumatran tiger,and Siberian tiger.



**FACT** Tigers that are located in the north, are usually bigger and lighter in color than those located in the south.




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