Canoeing at Biscayne National Park

This spring in Youth EXPO, we have driven an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and walked inside a Space Shuttle replica at Kennedy Space Center. So it only makes sense that we go canoeing today in Biscayne National Park! Ranger Chris talked with us about the environment of the National Park, including the mangroves and the coral reefs (the 3rd largest reef system in the world), and how important it is to keep it clean and healthy for its inhabitants (and us). He even told us about this species of fish in the Bay which can actually switch genders! (Can you find out which species it is?) After we had a canoeing safety lesson, we we able to go out on the Bay. Canoeing is certainly harder than it looks. It was very windy, and on the way back in to shore, 3 boats had to come back as a team, each one holding on to the next. But we all made it back!














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