EXPO Islands to Join SciLands

by Ted Myers

The YouthEXPO project has been busily developing a simulation, or “island,” in Second Life as a new model of climate change education. Last year, a prototype of the YouthEXPO island was started in the Teen Grid, but as of January 2011 all Teen Grid islands have been brought into a new, integrated grid.

This new presence gives us the opportunity to get closer to the mini-continent known as SciLands, including other NASA islands, Museums like the Exploratorium and The Tech Museum of Innovation, and other organizations dedicated to science education. This month, we submitted our official application to SciLands, and— wait for it— we’re in! The SciLands Senate sent their official welcome letter on February 12, 2011.

More updates on YouthEXPO in Second Life, and in SciLands, will be posted here.

Part of the SciLands Minicontinent in Second Life

Part of the SciLands Minicontinent in Second Life

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