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The ECHOS preschool science curriculum consists of nine thematic units. Each unit contains an Overview, Science Process Skills, Lessons at a Glance, Key Concepts, Lesson Guide, four science lessons, a storybook and 12 Integration Cards (iCards) that provide activities related to language and literacy, mathematics and creative arts.


The ECHOS Observation Tool measures teachers' use of instructional strategies and children's use of science process skills. Observers can use the electronic, browser-based version of this tool on their smartphone, tablet or laptop to capture interactions between the teacher and a small group of children.

In addition, the tool provides a set of questions related to fidelity, the degree of congruence to the design of the ECHOS® program. It's used to check on curriculum-specific aspects including: sequencing of lessons, working with small groups, reinforcing key concepts, ease of lesson delivery, child engagement, etc.

Learn more about the ECHOS Observation Tool

Learning Framework

All science lessons are organized using a sequence called the E-I-E-I-O Framework. To get started learning about ECHOS, click on the video below.

The curriculum features the following life science, physical science and earth science units listed below. Each Unit Overview includes a short video clip from an ECHOS science lesson.

Rainy Weather
Unit Goal: Children explore where rain comes from, what it is, and where water goes after it rains.
Unit Overview
Beginning Botanist
Unit Goal: Children learn about the parts of plants and what plants need to live and grow.
Unit Overview
Feathered Friends
Unit Goal: Children discover that different types of birds have different types of beaks, feet and feathers to help them live in different habitats.
Unit Overview
Busy Buzzing Bees
Unit Goal: Children learn about the special features of honeybees and their important role in helping transfer pollen from one flower to another.
Unit Overview
Discovering Shells
Unit Goal: Children use multiple attributes to sort and categorize shells, and learn about their functions.
Unit Overview
Blocks Measure Up
Unit Goal: Children use blocks as an alternative measurement tool to compare the length and height of objects.
Unit Overview
Water Play
Unit Goal: Children will use science processes to investigate volume, water displacement and buoyancy.
Unit Overview
Astonishing Air
Unit Goal: Children engage in trial-and-error investigations that allow them to observe the presence of air and explore its properties.
Unit Overview
Magnificent Magnets
Unit Goal: Children engage in investigative activities that encourage them to explore how magnets interact with common magnetic and nonmagnetic objects.
Unit Overview

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