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Professional Development is tailored to the needs of both formal and informal organizations. Please contact for more information.


ECHOS workshops prepare teachers and teacher assistants to present the ECHOS Curriculum to their children. Workshop leaders model presentation of lessons, iCards and cover other topics including classroom management, science area set up and development, scheduling and the direct inquiry approach.

ECHOS Professional Development Resource Guide

The guide is designed to help professional development specialists introduce the ECHOS program to teachers, assistants and parents and includes a description of the implementation approach, PowerPoints for workshops that you can adapt to meet your needs, and short videos of the key science concepts covered in the units. For more information, email


The ECHOS Classroom Observation/Coaching Tool measures teachers' use of instructional strategies and children's use of science process skills. Observers can use the electronic, browser-based version of this tool on their smartphone, tablet or laptop to capture interactions between the teacher and a small group of children.

In addition, the tool provides a set of questions related to fidelity, the degree of congruence to the design of the ECHOS® program. It's used to check on curriculum-specific aspects including: sequencing of lessons, working with small groups, reinforcing key concepts, ease of lesson delivery, child engagement, etc.

Learn more about the ECHOS Classroom Observation/Coaching Tool


"Children have become familiar with the new words and they use them in their vocabulary. It has enlightened me as a teacher to think outside the box. I use the materials and the ideas not just in science but also in every area. It helps with math, they are able to count better. They love counting.
I love the idea that children can go to the science area and explore. I'm an ECHOS fan! "

Tina Moore, Teacher at Opa Locka (D. D. Simpson Annex) Head Start
"I like the way that ECHOS gets kids in a group and kind of gets them to help one another without even realizing it. And I also like the way that it gets them involved in trying new things that they wouldn't have done before, and just really getting the kids into science and math together.
I just think it was a short two years, you know what they say "time flies when you are having fun." I think this year we did a really good job with kids and they really learned alot and ECHOS played a big role in that. I think it was just awesome. "

Kelly Alvarez, Teacher Assistant at Kidco IV Head Start

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