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101 Great Educational Uses for your Handheld Computer

Handheld Educator

Supporting Science Inquiry in K-12 Using Palm Computers: A Palm Manifesto by Dr. Elliot Soloway

A collection of new applications for handhelds

Featured Software for Math Classrooms

GraphMaker APTE, Inc.
An interactive introduction to graphing, this program allows students to create graphical representation of data in horizontal, vertical, line and pie charts. Grades: 2-6

Internet Coach
Introduce Graphs to Students

MathU Creative Creek
An advanced scientific calculator that can help in both science and math courses. Grades: 6+

ImagiMath Suite
ImagiMath Suite is a compelling mathematics learning environment that combines the tools you need to visualize, calculate, and solve mathematical equations.

Featured Software for Science Classrooms

Astro Info AstroInfo SourceForge Project
Astro Info provides daily data on the rising and setting of the sun and the moon, as well as planetary information. With knowledge of latitude and longitude, students can access information for any location in the world. Grades: 6+

ChemTable Robert Eng
ChemTable is a freeware (no cost) Periodic Table application. The chemical information contained in this program was collected from a variety of online sources, as well as the 80th Edition of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. Grades: 6+

Freeware Palm
Free applications for Pocket PCs and Palm Handhelds

Gene Yoshimitsu Kanai Gene is a database viewer for students studying biology. It includes amino acid information, restriction enzyme database, and molecular weight makers. Grades: 9+

MobileDB Handmark, Inc.
MobileDB is a database application that allows you to view and edit any table or spreadsheet-like information on your Palm handheld. Designed for simple and efficient access to any table or spreadsheet information, MobileDB has the ability to beam, rename, and lock databases. Grades: 6+

ImagiProbe Wireless Sensing System
Combine the ImagiProbe Wireless Sensing System with your Palm handheld and PASPORT sensors for wireless data collection.

PicoMap Center for Highly Interactive Computing in Education (Hi-CE)
A free comprehensive program for secondary education that allows students to create, share and explore concept maps.

Planetarium Andreas Hofer Software
Planetarium plots star charts and offers some unique, useful features for the beginning stargazer as well as for the professional astronomer.Grades: 6+

QuickSheet synchronizes formula changes, edits, and new workbooks with Microsoft Excel¨. QuickSheet also works with ImagiProbe for data sampling and with Quickchart adds five ways to graph your data. Grades: All

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