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Special Events for Today

Spring Camp 2013: Marine Mania
Do you love the ocean? So do we! Join us this Spring Break to learn why the ocean is so special. Using our Sea Lab and Wildlife Center as backdrops, campers will learn about ocean habitats (like mangroves, seagrass and corals), common and bizarre marine organisms, and the roles we can play to help conserve and protect these incredible and wet natural resources.

Monday, March 25th: Coastal Treasures
Want to discover more about the wonderful world of coastal marine habitats? Get your hands wet while investigating the animals that make the mangroves and seagrass their homes. Learn what makes these habitats special, as you identify the different organisms that live there, replicate their adaptations, and create models of their homes.

Tuesday, March 26th: Reef Relief
Immerse yourself in the colorful and diverse world of coral reefs. Come learn how corals get their bright colors, find and make food, and provide homes for thousands of other organisms. We’ll also look at how human activities can impact these fascinating, yet fragile superstars of the sea.

Wednesday, March 27th: Slippery, Slimy, and Spineless
What do sponges, squid, jellyfish, shrimp, and sea stars all have in common? No backbone! This day will introduce you to the world of marine invertebrates as you explore bringing sea monkeys to life, learn how sea stars can regrow lost body parts, dissect a squid, and more.

Thursday, March 28th: Secrets of the Deep
Come explore the mysteries of the deep sea, the largest habitat on Earth! Even with little to no light, the darkest depths of the ocean host some of the strangest, but coolest creatures, from those with transparent bodies to the ability to produce their own light.

Friday, March 29th: Shark Bait
Dive into the world of sharks as we uncover why they have such a bad reputation. Discover how sharks use their special senses and unique adaptations to make them the supreme leaders of the ocean. We’ll also learn why all sharks are fish, but not all fish are sharks.

Camp Details

$45 members/$55 non-members per day/per child
$200 members/$250 non-members - full week (5 days)

Grade Level:
Pre-K (at least 4 years old) thru Fifth Grade

9:00 AM- 3:30 PM
Before Care: 7:45 - 9:00 AM ($5 per child per day)
After Care: 4:00 - 6:00 PM ($12 per child per day)

Time: 9:00-3:30
Phone Contact: Registrar 305-646-4222
Email Contact:

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Ticket price includes entrance to all Museum galleries, Planetarium shows, the Wildlife Center and special demonstrations and shows.

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