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Elementary Student Teacher Enhancement Program for Science (STEPS)

Funded by the U. S. Department of Education

The goal of this collaboration with Florida International University (FIU) and Miami-Dade County Public Schools is to explore the impact of adding a science museum to the professional development school model. By utilizing the resources and expertise of museum science teacher-educators and scientists, together with FIU education faculty, the project aims to strengthen supervising teachers' science content knowledge and pedagogy while preparing future teachers to implement standards-based inquiry-oriented science instruction.

Early Childhood Hands-On Science (ECHOS)

Funded by the U. S. Department of Education

For this 3-year initiative, the Center is collaborating with University of Miami’s Department of Psychology and SRI International on a research study aimed at obtaining evidence of the potential efficacy of a museum-developed early science readiness curriculum and related teacher professional development. ECHOS builds on an existing core of science curriculum units already developed by the Museum and pilot tested with selected preschool centers in Miami. By expanding the existing units across the learning domains of early math, language, literacy, social, and motor development, the proposed project will demonstrate the potential of the ECHOS curriculum and professional development program to improve teacher practice and student achievement at the preschool level.

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Heart Smart

Funded by the National Institutes of Health Science Education Partnership Award through a subcontract from the University of Miami

Under this five-year development and dissemination award, the Museum is collaborating with the University of Miami’s College of Arts & Science/Department of Psychology (the primary grantee) to design a traveling exhibit aimed at raising awareness about risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. As part of this innovative exhibit, visitors will have the opportunity to contribute their data to ongoing research on metabolic syndrome. A separate research study, focusing on 10th grade students at area high schools, will explore the extent to which a set of Museum-based experiences is effective in changing cardiovascular health knowledge.

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